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"Do Ojca" (eng. "To My Dad")

By WItomila Wolk-Jezierska

Daughter's poems dedicated to the Father killed in Katyn by Witomila Wolk Jezierska.Witomila was born after her father, Winceny Wolk, officer of the Polish Army, was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army in 1939 and brutally murdered by the Soviet NKVD in the spring of 1940. Witomila never saw her father but has been fighting for justice for the Katyn victims her entire life - thus far in vain...

The powerful poems show the trauma of the next generations of Katyn families caused not only by the Katyn crime but also by the Katyn lie, total impunity of the murderers, inability to recover Father's remains, disinformation and conspiracy of silence that persists to this day. This collection contains grieving daughter's poems translated into 7 languages.

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